Airvent and Duct Cleaning

Airvent & Kitchen Ducts

Unattended airvents and ducts can lead to poor air quality and rapid deterioration of your ventilation equipment. We have qualified and competent technicians to ensure your premies and equipment are compliant with UK legal requirements



The airvent cleaning is the removal of visible and invisible dusts, debris and infestations from the ventilation system


The purpose of the duct system cleaning is to:


1.     Reduce the risk of fire in a kitchen grease extract system 

2.     Provide a safe possible working environment for catering staff.

The process is to essentially remove of oils, fats and grease generated from cooking food in places such as:

·      Filters

·      Canopies/ Plenums

·      Duct system

·      Fans

·      Electrostatic Precipitators

·      Exhausts

The cleaning must comply to TR19 requirements


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