Office Cleaning & Disinfecting

This cleaning process applies also to warehouses

Office Cleaning

Let’s forget that under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, the adequate cleaning of work premises is a legal requirement…

Wouldn’t it be great that your staff and visitors enjoy all time a clean and safe environment?

In respect of this, our main objectives of cleaning policy are to:

•  Enhance the appearance of your workplace

•  Ensure a healthy and productive working environment.

•  Reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.


Office daily clean

We provide on-site permanent daily cleaners to keep your workplace tidy during office hours.

A night team will then run a deep cleaning of all the areas for your employees to start in the morning in a cleaned, tidy and refreshed workplace: offices, toilets, meeting and resting areas, all inclusive.


Virus cleaning

Viruses such as Covid-19 and common colds begin to circulate during wintertime; diligent cleaning coupled with periodical biological fogging can help reduce the contamination.

Deep clean

Time to time we’ll offer to have areas of your building deep cleaned this because some places have heavy furnitures that cannot be moved during daily cleanings.

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