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Governance Policy

  At ALL CLEANERS LTD, our decision-making process adhere to the following principals:



1.      Leadership


2.      Ethics and integrity


3.      Stewardship


4.      Accountability and transparency


5.      Roles and responsibility


6.      Participation




Leadership, employers, and managers all have a clear understanding of the vision of our business.


Ethics and Integrity

We make sure people with deal with on our day-to-day activity share our view of the ethics and integrity we aspire. This takes into account having an environmental and sustainability policy, supporting charitable organisations, and working on promoting employee rights.



Owner, Leaderships, and managers are responsible for overseeing and protecting the business’ assets, reputation, its ability to function long-term.


Accountability and Transparency

This is one of the most important principles of our corporate governance.

Our goal is to be as transparent possible by reporting on company’s activities and its financial statements in regular basis. We also make sure everyone has clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities round the roles and responsibilities.


Roles and Responsibility

Every single position, temporary or permanent has a clear documentation about what is expected and what are the responsibilities.



We encourage every stakeholder to participate in our decision-making process. We make sure our stakeholders are very diversified.