Ensure A Cleaned & Disinfected Environment

Hospitality Cleaning

Hospitality Cleaning Service

Our hospitality cleaning staff is one of our most experienced employees.

From room services to shared areas such dining area, gyms, meeting area and reception, we ensure that your reputation is kept to the high standard when it comes to cleanliness.

Big or small, we can tailor our services to suit your requirements.

You also have the option for 24/7 services during busy time.

To make sure rooms are ready for the next guest, we tick boxes during the cleaning process:

1.     Airing out the room

Getting fresh air into a room improve the indoor air quality which will be much appreciate by the next guest.

2.     Changing items made available to the previous client:

·      Bid linens

·      Duvet covers

·      Pillowcases

·      Facecloths

·      Towels

3.     Bins

All bin bags to be removed and replaced by new ones.

4.     Vacuuming

The visible part of the carpet, under the table, sofa, and the bed all must be hoovered.

5.     Dusting

Make sure available equipment and items are clean and dust free.

6.     Disinfecting

Proceed to wiping and disinfecting of tops, switches, door handles, remote controls and any items and surfaces in the room.

7.     Windows

The window glasses cleaned with microfiber cloths, and its trim wiped down.

8.     Toilet, shower, mirror, and consumables

We spend more time in toilet, thoroughly cleaning every part of it. We make sure that cleaning product used have the capacity of disinfecting all surfaces and touching areas. We check and restock all consumables (toilet paper rolls, shampoo, soap, etc)

9.     Amenities

Amenities, sachets such as coffee, sugar, teacup, and teaspoons availability are checked.

10.  Last visual checking

Mistakes and oversights can happen, so we always do the last check before leaving the room and locking the door.

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